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6 Tips for Basketball Beginners


Get in shape

Basketball requires you to be physically fit in order to perform at your peak on your big day. eye sight also plays a key role in basketball success.



this advice might sound very common but it is good to practice dribbling with your hand that you use the least during games.


learn from others

Watch other players in action and compare your reactions, strategies and plans with the games that you watch on screen. with the advance in technology you get a chance to study sports with much more detail.


Build focus & strength

Build strength in your shoulders and lower part of the body which help you shoot balls. and focus is the key to shoot balls with accurate strength, energy and direction.


Hand alignment

Improve your hand alignment and make it a part of your fitness regime. you will need perfect hand alignment, deviation by even a smaller degree can be the deciding factor in a game.


accelerate & Decelerate

Moving quickly on the court is equally important as halting down to a position to shoot the ball accurately into the basket.